Review: A brilliant turn from Aubrey Plaza in ‘Black Bear’
’Tis the season of great Aubrey Plaza performances, apparently. The “Parks and Recreation” and “Legion” alum has been long overdue for a breakout film role, something fitting of her wide-ranging talent and more imaginative than just relying on her quirky deadpan and eye rolls.
Review: Strong debut from K-pop’s newest septet ENHYPEN
ENHYPEN, “BORDER : DAY ONE” (Belift Lab) With a speed and preparedness that would put to shame the world’s largest corporations, K-pop entertainment agencies continue to perfect the formula for success, launching multiple hit songs and albums with multiple acts.
A year in 60 secs: TikTok lists top videos, creators of 2020
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — From skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac to learning Cardi B's rump-shaking choreography, TikTok users got creative in a pandemic year with new songs, dances and memes in 60 seconds or less.
All Mariah Carey wants is you to enjoy her Christmas special
NEW YORK (AP) — Christmas is still a few weeks away, but Mariah Carey is already orchestrating her dinner menu. “I do my father’s linguini with white clam sauce every Christmas Eve,” says the legendary songstress.
Review: Shawn Mendes returns with a gooey and amorous album
Shawn Mendes, “Wonder” (Island) On his 14-track fourth album, Shawn Mendes is airy, grand, intense and rapturous. It is the sound of a man totally and hopelessly in love.
Robert Mueller does rare interview in 'Oath' podcast
NEW YORK (AP) — Chuck Rosenberg makes no secret of his admiration for Robert Mueller. Keep that in mind, along with the format of Rosenberg's podcast “The Oath,” now that NBC announced that the former special counsel who looked into Russian interference in the 2016 election has given an extensive interview that debuts Wednesday.
People magazine reveals its '2020 People of the Year'
LOS ANGELES (AP) — People magazine has named George Clooney, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Selena Gomez and Regina King as the “2020 People of the Year.” The magazine revealed its list Wednesday morning as part of a year-end double issue with four covers.
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree turns on, with virus rules
NEW YORK (AP) — Rockin' around the Christmas tree is going to look different for visitors at Rockefeller Center this year, starting with Wednesday's tree lighting ceremony.
18 indicted, including rapper, in gang-related activity
NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities on Tuesday announced the indictment of 18 people, including New York City rapper Casanova, in connection to a litany of gang-related crimes including racketeering, murder, drugs, firearms, and fraud offenses.
'Big Sky' producers recognize Native American criticism
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Native American tribes and advocates are condemning “Big Sky,” a Montana-set ABC drama, for ignoring the history of violence inflicted on Indigenous women and instead making whites the crime victims.
Brothers write a love letter to a food we all love — pizza
NEW YORK (AP) — Let Thanksgiving have the turkey. Let Christmas have fruitcake. Every other day, it's got to be pizza. So argue Thom and James Elliot, brothers and pizza makers from England who have written a book celebrating the worldwide phenomenon of roundish dough cooked with toppings.
Cosby's sex assault conviction goes before high-level court
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pennsylvania's highest court questioned Tuesday whether Bill Cosby's alleged history of intoxicating and sexually assaulting young women amounted to a signature crime pattern, given studies that show as many as half of all sexual assaults involve drugs or alcohol.
In '76 Days,' a documentary portrait of lockdown in Wuhan
NEW YORK (AP) — “Papa!” screams a hospital worker, covered from head to toe in a Hazmat suit and PPE, in the opening moments of the documentary “76 Days."
Event organizer drops BookExpo, annual publishing convention
NEW YORK (AP) — The annual publishing convention and trade show known as BookExpo, a decades-old tradition where guest speakers have ranged from Bill Clinton to Margaret Atwood, may be coming to an end.
'All my love, Elliot': Actor Page comes out as transgender
NEW YORK (AP) — Oscar-nominated actor Elliot Page, the star of “Juno," “Inception” and “The Umbrella Academy,” came out as transgender Tuesday in an announcement greeted as a watershed moment for the trans community in Hollywood.
Petri Hawkins Byrd deliberates on life after 'Judge Judy'
Judith Sheindlin has been the sole judge, jury and verbal executioner for the last quarter century on her behemoth TV court show, “Judge Judy.” Her trusted bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, has stood by her side during approximately 12,500 cases, and remembers an instance when he thought she got it wrong.
Queen, Prince Philip to spend Christmas at Windsor Castle
LONDON (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, will spend Christmas at Windsor Castle instead of their Sandringham estate for the first time in decades.
Review: Hitman hiding out in England stars in 'Eddie's Boy'
“Eddie’s Boy,” by Thomas Perry (Mysterious Press) The hitman known as the butcher’s boy is back, forced out of retirement at age 61 to confront an implacable old enemy who wants him dead.
Irina Antonova, head of top Moscow art museum, dies at 98
MOSCOW (AP) — Irina Antonova, a charismatic art historian who presided over one of Russia's top art museums for more than half a century, has died at 98.
Bad Bunny is Spotify's most-streamed artist of 2020
NEW YORK (AP) — The year's most played artist on Spotify? Globally speaking: Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rican superstar is the music platform’s most-streamed artist of the year with 8.3 billion streams globally.
‘I’m Your Woman’ puts a fresh spin on the 1970s crime drama
Director Julia Hart couldn’t stop thinking about Tuesday Weld. She had just watched Michael Mann’s 1981 thriller “Thief” and Weld’s character Jessie had taken over her imagination.
Art world star gives back by buying work of the undiscovered
NEW YORK (AP) — Painter Guy Stanley Philoche, a star in the New York art world, had wanted to treat himself to a fancy watch after a hugely successful gallery show.
Dictionary companies choose same word of the year: pandemic
NEW YORK (AP) — In the land of lexicography, out of the whole of the English language, 2020's word of the year is a vocabulary of one.
Rita Ora says sorry for lockdown-breaching birthday party
LONDON (AP) — British singer Rita Ora apologized Monday for breaking lockdown rules by holding a birthday party, saying it was “a serious and inexcusable error of judgment.” The Sun newspaper ran photos of Ora and others, including models Cara and Poppy Delevingne, arriving at the Casa Cruz restaurant in London’s Notting Hill area on Saturday. picks 'pandemic' as its 2020 word of the year
NEW YORK (AP) — On Dec. 31, China reported a cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown origin to the World Health Organization. By Jan.